Oregon Transfer Day: All-New Degree Partnership Program is Now Partnering with Western Oregon University

Photo by Kendall La Vaque in 2017

Interested in transferring to a 4-year university after you finish your journey here as an LBCC Roadrunner? Not sure where to start? Not a problem!

Last Wednesday, Jan. 15, Linn-Benton Community College hosted Oregon Transfer Day, a day in which over 20 schools all around Oregon and beyond gathered in the Commons Cafeteria from 10 am to 1 pm to talk with students about how they can get into the school of their choice and what resources they need in order to succeed.

Photo By Kendall La Vaque in 2017

A raffle was held in which the winner would have the opportunity to send their academic transcripts free of charge to any school of their choice, as well as other school goodies and swag. Whether it’s Linfield, Lewis and Clark, University of Oregon, or any other Oregon campus in between, they’re all more than interested in hearing from you and helping you figure out your next step as a student.

Much like LBCC works as a partnership school with OSU, a similar system has been put in place as of Fall 2019 with Western Oregon University, where students can carve out their way into the university with the appropriate credits. With much anticipated growth with more 4-year paths being mapped out from LBCC to WOU, present and future Roadrunners are welcome to explore all their options.

LBCC Academic Planning Specialist Sonya James offered some keen advice to students who wish to transfer to a 4-year university: “Always attend orientation, there will be things that do not make any sense and that’s okay! Meet with your advisor early and often.”

“I love the fact that LBCC gives me so many options and makes so many resources available to me. It feels like they want me to succeed,” second-year Roadrunner Clarissa Lloyd said of the fair, and other LBCC-run opportunities around campus.

There are so many facets to learn more about extending your education beyond LBCC, and the first place to start is right on the Linn-Benton website; just search for “Degree Partnership Program” and it will have all sorts of information to get you going.

If any students have further questions, they can reach out directly to the Degree Partnership Program by emailing dpp@linnbenton.edu.

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