Red Hot Stitchers: Members of the Community Come Together to Create Soft Garments for a Worthy Cause

Denise Downer, Brooke Johnson, Mariia Leathrum and Emely Day knit away Sunday afternoon at Market of Choice.

Red Hot Stitchers is a bi-monthly event where knitters and crocheters hang out and practice their craft. The members of Red Hot Stitchers make a variety of items, such as hats, chemo caps, scarves, sleeping pads for animals, or just about anything soft and squishy to snuggle up to. Participants in the group knit for their own personal wants or they can donate their finished products. Clothing and accessories are donated to a range of recipients, including homeless shelters, animal shelters, cancer patients, and refugee camps in Syria. Not only is it is also a way to give back to those in need of warmth in the community.

Currently Brooke Johnson is knitting hats for those in need in Syria. “I can’t make the war go away,” says Johnson, “but maybe I can keep somebody warm.” Red Hot Stitchers is a group of warm-hearted ladies who would love to teach you a new relaxing hobby that’ll keep your hands busy. Emely Day, known as the Yarn Stash Queen, is the main organizer of the event, and encourages all skill levels from beginners to experts to participate. “Anyone who reads this article is more than welcome to join us,” says Day.

If you’re interested but don’t have any yarn to start, give Emely a call or email and she can hook you up. The Yarn Stash Queen will have some yarn to spare for newcomers with notice. They meet every second Sunday of the month on the second floor of Market of Choice in Corvallis from 2-4 pm. They also meet the following Wednesday from 7-9 pm.

At a Glance:

WHERE: At Market of Choice’s second floor in Corvallis.

WHEN: Every second Sunday of the month from 2-4pm and the following Wednesday from 7-9pm.

WHO: Emely Day is the organizer of this event and her email is and her number is 541-754-8224 if you have any further questions.

Story and Photo by: Katie Littlefield

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