Local Used And Vintage Clothing Store Makes A Huge Splash In Streetwear Scene

Noller and Turner are both natives to Corvallis with a passion for music and style. In the summer of 2018 after reaching some creative and personal breaking points, they decided to jump in and launch Suite 0 on June 7th, 2018, and establish the more ideal, current location last January.

Suite Zero is a used clothing and consignment store located on Monroe Avenue in Corvallis. In business since mid-2018, store-owners Mike Turner and Gabriel Noller combined their mutual passion for eccentric, authentically paired clothing items to fulfil a unique niche in Corvallis’ street wear and community culture.

Walking into Suite Zero’s storefront you’re welcomed by a warm and open space covered wall to wall with iconic images and patterns. The movement of the room, centering around a communal “living room” style set up in the middle, allows employees and customers alike to be comfortable and creative.

Turner and Noller, both Corvallis locals, were motivated to open this curated clothing store not only to inspire consumers to create and blend newer trends with classics, but to also help them shop more mindfully. In the world-wind of fast fashion and instant gratification brought by the convenience of online shopping, clothing waste is one of the worlds largest sources of pollution.

Suite Zero provides people with an outlet to consign and sell clothes, while getting creative with how they shop and where they put their money in the industry. In addition to repurposing vintage clothing, one of the best ways to lower your contribution to clothing pollution, donating. “It helps to know where you’re donating and how that organization is making a difference in the community,” says Turner.

A neat addition to the vintage supply is the artistic involvement that the Turner and Noller have chosen to integrate. “Providing a neutral space for artists to perform, commune, and bring their families is really neat to see and support,” says Turner. “A lot of the artists have thanked us so much because many of them are older and have kids, and there really isn’t many places that hold all age events. The only environments for that shouldn’t just be in bars or party venues.”

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Store Hours:
11 – 7 Monday – Saturday
11-6 Sunday

Story by Georgia Dunn-Hartmann

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