LB’s “Brown Girls Pride” Art Reception Features Mexican-American Artists

A sense of community is important at LBCC. Strong communities involve people with different cultural, gender, or economic statuses accepting and celebrating one another.

The first Brown Girls Pride reception, which was held May 22 from 5 to 6 p.m., is one such illustration.

Hosted by art instructor Anne Magratten, the reception was a two-way celebration highlighting women and being Mexican. The reception featured two LBCC Mexican-American student artists, Yasmeen Gonzalez and Marta Nunez, as well as a table full of Mexican snacks and tastes.

The art pieces were put on display near the president’s office in neat order. Many of the pieces reflected the collective culture of Mexican families.

“I believe they are powerful because they are drawing on the authentic love of our family and the recognition that certain kinds of sacrifices have been made to give that love,” said Magratten.

All of the artwork was heavy in emotion and had significant meaning.

Artwork by Marta Nunez

“I am proud to be Latina and I am proud of my brown skin,” said Nunez.

Gonzalez added, “We’re proud to be Mexican and it’s time for girl power to be put up on stage. We just want more reputation.”

The artwork also had women in prestigious roles. “Con Ganas to Grow” by Nunez displays a woman laying down surrounded by green and floral imagery. She explained it was her emotional outlet.

Gonzalez’s piece, “The Last Supper,” also had some themes of empowerment for women. “The Last Supper,” features characters who are pop-culture, Mexican women. In the middle of all these stars sits Mother Mary.

Artwork by Yasmeen Gonzalez

The event ended with both Gonzalez and Nunez congratulating each other on their hard work, and a final applause from the audience.

Magratten said, “You are part of our cultural richness, it’s so beautiful.”

Story by Audric Macone

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