Honoring Creativity: LB’s Annual Juried Student Art Show Presents Awards For 2019 Participants

“Nem Festek Eleget” by Michelle Cannon, who won Best of Show and Juror’s Choice Award. (Photo by Alex Gaub)

Crowds buzzed around the halls of North Santiam Hall the evening of Wednesday, May 1 as people waited for the winners to be announced at the annual LBCC Juried Student Art Show.

The one-hour long event was the end of the annual Juried Student Art Show. It was time for the awards and prizes to be given.

So many student artists and visitors were gathered in the upstairs of the North Santiam Hall, that all of the seats were taken. People were filling every available spot as the time approached for the announcement of winners.

“If I won I’d buy a burger and celebrate,” said J.J. Bolden, a student with artwork in the competition, as he relaxed in one of the seats. Many other young artists waited eagerly as Anne Magratten, the coordinator of the event, prepared for her award speech.

Magratten seemed to come out of the blue when she appeared before the crowd. She gave a speech congratulating all the artists and recognizing the risks they took displaying their work.

The Curator Excellence awards were given by Magratten shortly after, Michael Bosch, James-Harley Parr, Dakota Smith received the award.

The Juried Student Art Show would not have been possible without the help of local donors within the community, and some were there to award prizes to artists.

Willamette Ceramics Art Guild’s Gary House said, “I am glad to see the transition from 2D to 3D,” as he awarded Liam Lee and Jeenie Balkins $100 prizes for their ceramic pieces.

Vice President of LBCC, Anne Buchele gave the Creative Risk award to James-Harley Parr for his piece “Trans Jesus.” The Art and Aesthetics Purchase Award went to Emily Cade’s “Creative Space,” and James Webb’s “Serotonin.”

Katie Winder, the dean of art and social sciences, awarded Elly G. the Jay C. Thomas Award for “R.I.P. Idol,” and River Breazile’s ceramic pieces for the Art Social Sciences and Humanities Division Award.

The Presidential Purchase awards went to “Pilgrim,” by Conner Stoops-Smith, and “Kali Uchis,” by Yasmeen Gonzalez. These pieces will stay in LBCC’s collection for generations, you may see previously purchased pieces in the president’s office.

Lewis Franklin awarded Emily Cade for the Photography Award, and just as Emily went to go sit back down, she was awarded the Willamette PhotoArts Guild Prize. “We shouldn’t let you sit down,” said Franklin.

Franklin awarded Connor Stroops-Smith’s “Pilgrim,” for the Digital Art Award, and the Artistic Tension award to J.J. Bolden

Renee McKitterick gave the awards for best of; Jacob Simpson’s “Pitcher of Dew,” won Best of Ceramics, Zach Swindal “Where’s Ahab,” won Best 3D, Yasmeen Gonzalez’s “Kali Uchis,” won Best Painting, Taylor Norbury’s “A Pearl,” won Best Drawing.

The Faculty Award of Merit was claimed by James Webb and Rebekah Bennet.

Renee McKitterick awarded Artistic Dedication to Ben Rogers “Rainbow.”

The Blick Art Materials Award went to Anastasia Franklin and Kelly O’Brien.

Juror Xuanyu Li approached to give the final awards of the evening. The People’s Choice Award had gone to Yasmeen Gonzalez, but when her name was called, there were a few moments of silence. As the crickets began to chirp people realized she was not there and went on to the last grand award.

The Juror’s Choice Award and the Best of Show went to Michelle Cannon. Cannon ran to the front ecstatically to receive her rewards with a smile so bright it warmed the room.

Magratten walked back to the center and congratulated all the artists that participated. “I’m so incredibly proud to work with these students,” Magratten said.

Magratten then thanked everyone for coming, and as a final note informed everyone that she is looking for two positions for a Student Gallery Coordinator. If interested people may email artgallery@linnbenton.edu for more information.

The student artwork will remain on display until May 20.

Story by Audric Macone

Photos by Emily Meyers and Alex Gaub

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