LB’s Annual Safety Fair Honors The Victims Of Motorcycle Collisions

Doug Tiller with the Riders Needing Assistance and 77 helmets representing the fallen riders of 2018. (Photo by Caleb Barber)

Motorcycle engines rumbled and echoed in the courtyard on May 1 at the start of the annual LBCC Safety Fair. Leather clad motorcyclists, shorts sporting students, and even a few dogs adorned the courtyard.

Joey Taylor gestured behind him at the line of 77 white helmets glistening in the sun. Written on the helmets were the names of the 77 bikers who lost their lives after roadway accidents last year. “There’s a difference between hearing a number and seeing the heads.”

Taylor is one of the founding members of the Riders Needing Assistance organization, which helps injured and elderly bikers by building them wheelchair ramps, catering funerals, and taking kids of bikers back to school shopping.

Some of the other tables set up this day included ABATE of Oregon, Health Care for All Oregon, Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence, Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety Program, as well as a few demonstrations from the local K-9 Search and Rescue Unit.

Story by Caleb Barber

Photos by Ashley Osborne and Caleb Barber

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