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Opinion: Tips To Lessen Your Impact On The Environment While Reducing Spending

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

It seems like everything is made out of plastic these days. It’s on our groceries, on our cars, and even a lot of clothing fibers are derived from plastic or crude oil. It’s been made literally impossible to avoid without drastic lifestyle changes like living “waste-free”. Sometimes, these changes can come with a large price tag.

Not every way we can reduce our impact on the environment requires spending much money, if any at all, though. Here are some college-budget friendly ways to reduce your impact:

The number one biggest way to help the environment is taking a look at your consumerist habits. Take a look at the things you’re purchasing and ask yourself if there’s a less harmful product you can use. Maybe there’s an option that has paper packaging instead of plastic, or maybe the same item is available in the bulk section where you can use a reusable bag.

Column by Sarah Melcher

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