Anthropology Day: Students and Faculty Joined Together to Celebrate Anthropology on Feb. 21.

Smiling, laughing, and the smell of pizza wafting in the air. A crowd of over 20 joined together in a small room to all celebrate a combined interest on Thursday, Feb. 21.

Anthropology Day.

“Did you all know this is the first time LBCC has ever had a club, or even participated in anthropology day,” said LBCC professor Lauren Visconti.

Anthropology Day is celebrated nationwide on Feb. 21. But this year, it had a whole new meaning to the staff and student body of LBCC. The school has never had as many anthropology majors as the present, and is welcoming a new club about anthropology, meeting for the first time on Monday, March 4, at 2 p.m. in room IA 232.

“Anthropology, that sounds cool. What the hell is it?” joked anthropology major Franklin Bowers.

To some students, it may have been a class, or two, taken over the terms. But to many celebrating the day at the meeting it is what they plan to spend their lives doing. The meeting brought in students who knew the ins and outs of anthropology and those who just heard about it and took an interest.

“I heard about it taking Lauren’s intro anthropology class and fell in love with it,” said anthropology major and anthropology club president Alice Yeager.

As name tags were passed around, they contained much more than just a name. Visconti wrote not only the first name of individuals, but also how their interests fit into anthropology. Everyone was welcome to participate and speak with those around them about their interests in anthropology.

“That’s what anthropology does, it pushes the limits and reframes what it is. There’s a home for everybody, for every interest in anthropology,” said Visconti.

Visconti grabbed a book and flipped through the pages: math, medical, and forensics. All subjects that can fit into anthropology.

“I knew I was interested in archaeology, and I just kind of found it. Please, I encourage you to talk to Lauren if interested in anthropology,” said Bowers.

Not everyone needs to be interested in anthropology to join the club, or even attend one meeting.

Story and Photo by Ruth Nash

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