Ping-Pong Club Welcomes New Participants

Srikar Valluri

Walk by the LBCC gym and you may see some ping-pong tables and some people having a good time.

“Anyone can walk by and join in,” said Srikar Valluri one founder of the LBCC Ping-Pong Club.

The LBCC Ping-Pong Club meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday around noon in the gym. It is a new club that started around week two of the 2019 winter term; it is currently seeking more membership.

“I found out some people like playing the game,” said Valluri, “so I talked with some of my friends and we started it.”

Anyone is welcome to join the club, experience or not. The number of players has seen a  drastic increase within the past couple of weeks, with seven people showing up to the Wednesday, Jan. 30 practice.

“I just kind of walked by the gym and saw it,” said nursing major Caulin Leach.

As of now the team sets up tables in the back half of the gym playing pickup games at any level. In the future they are looking forward to expanding their horizons.

“Once we get our club developed I’m thinking of contacting OSU’s team and trying to do some sort of tournament,” said Valluri.

While still growing, the team plays with big smiles on their faces and competition on the tables.

“It’s been really fun, I just like to play ping-pong, so I joined,” said Leach.

Story and Photos by Ruth Nash

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