Review: “Yoshi’s New Island” A Familiar But Fun Update To The Beloved SNES Classic

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“Yoshi’s New Island” is a sequel to the Super Nintendo title “Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario World 2,” which also reimagines many elements of its namesake. While not the best platformer in the “Mario” franchise, it is an overall unique and charming game that makes a good experience for players looking for another title to add to their collection.

While there are many changes from the beloved Super NES game that it takes inspiration from, the core concept has remained the same: taking control of many colors of Yoshi, you must help an infant Mario reunite with his brother Luigi and his parents while eluding a wizard known as “Kamek.” Though the game may seem inviting on the surface with its hand-drawn visual style, don’t be fooled: much like its SNES namesake, there is a surprising amount of variety and challenges to face as you help guide Mario back home. The level design, enemies and bosses gradually increase the difficulty without feeling too overwhelming at once. The controls are responsive and accessible for players of any potential skill level and age range. The graphics make good use of the 3DS’ hardware while also having a pastel-colored art style that homages what was shown in the original Super Nintendo game.

One drawback is that the game does rely heavily on familiarity with the original Super NES “Yoshi’s Island.” While not inherently bad on its own, it also doesn’t do that much to innovate on what’s come before. Still, it does make a solid enough platformer to enjoy time and again. Much like the Nintendo 64 title “Yoshi’s Story,” it’s a relaxing experience that can easily be enjoyed for just a few moments at a time.

Overall, “Yoshi’s New Island” is a familiar but fun update to the beloved Super Nintendo game. As part of the “Nintendo Selects” line of budget-priced games, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Verdict: 4 Stars out of 5

Review by Steven Pryor

At a Glance:

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Azrest
Platform: 3DS
ESRB Rating: E

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