Hot Shot Café Hopes to See Improvements In 2019 With New Business Club Ownership

Photo by Angela Scott

During winter break of 2018, the Hot Shot Cafe switched owners from the Student Leadership Council to the Business Club. The Business Club is looking to make some changes to the cafe this year to hopefully make it more popular among students.

Mindy Bean, the advisor of the Business Club, declared that the first short-term goal of the new and improved Hot Shot Cafe is simply to build awareness of it.

“A lot of students don’t even know it’s there,” she said. “We just want everyone to know that they can come in any time and get a coffee or hang out.”

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After some minor changes during the remainder of this school year, the Business Club has some major changes in mind for the summer of 2019. Some cosmetic changes that will take place are: painting the walls different colors, getting new furniture, adding speakers, and getting new floors.

“All these different changes will hopefully come together and make a big change in the atmosphere of the cafe,” said Bean.

Another major change that will be done is to redo the storage room. The cafe is hoping to clear some room to store food and serve some food options along with the beverages.

The cafe would not be able to afford these changes without the help of the many students who work in it every day. All the workers of the cafe are financial aid work students. They learn very valuable skills such as customer service, maintenance, coffee making, and analyzing business trends.

One student who has been very involved in the renewed Hot Shot Cafe is Alyssa Wood. She is the cafe manager and has already made a conscious effort to focus on friendly customer service and improve the atmosphere of the cafe with some music.

“Once we get the new sound system and change the color of the walls, I think the atmosphere will be more upbeat and less awkward,” she said. “Also, we have been trying to post more on LB Live and social media about the cafe to raise more awareness.”

The cafe is located on the first level between the Student Union and Willamette Hall and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They serve many kinds of hot and cold drinks including lattes, Italian sodas, mochas, and cappuccinos. They feature Allann Bros Coffee, and any size house coffee is $1. They also have unique daily specials, so look out for new deals.

Even if they aren’t getting something to drink, the lounge area is open for any students who want to do homework, listen to music, or hang out with their friends. There are comfortable tables and chairs, along with free Wi-Fi.

“My favorite thing is the chill aesthetic it gives off, making it a nice place to do homework, talk with friends, or just relax with a great cup of coffee,” says freshman Jacob Nestor, who frequently visits the cafe.

If you want to get involved with the Business Club and help out the Hot Shot Cafe, email Mindy Bean at A business background is not required. The Business Club meets on Thursdays at 4 p.m. in MKH 107.

Story by Davis Ihde

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