LBCC Students Face A Possible Increase In Tuition Due to State Budget Cuts

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In the next two years, students are looking at increased pressure on their wallets in order to receive a two year degree or a certificate in a Career Technical Education.

In a statement put out by President Greg Hamann, he discussed Gov. Kate Brown’s recommended budget. Citing two scenarios– a “base” budget and an “investment,” the former totalling $543 million; the latter totalling $647 million, but contingent on the state raising $2 billion in new revenue. These budget scenarios concern state funding for all of Oregon’s 17 community colleges, and they are far below what Oregon community colleges asked for– $787 million.

“The governor’s two budget scenarios have now been delivered to the state Legislature for them to consider, adopt, modify, or ignore and then develop another budget on their own. This will be an especially challenging task, both because there are many state agencies and institutions, in addition to our community colleges, that are lobbying for important funding needs,” said Hamann in the statement.

With the proposal of the “base budget,” there could be a tuition hike of 17.5 percent a year for the next two years. Realistically, President Hamman sees tuition being raised by about seven percent, each year, the next two years.

More information about the changing budget, as well as President Hamann’s full statement can be found online at:

Story by Alex Gaub

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