Not Just Horseplay: A Look At LBCC’s Equestrian Team

Derek Guenther (left) and Benjamin Munger perform with LBCC's men's acapella group, "Blue Light Special."

The answer is no, owning a horse isn’t a requirement of being involved in the LBCC Equestrian Team.

A matching major isn’t either. While many of the members this year on the equestrian team do plan on majoring in LBCC’s animal sciences programs, the team attracts an abundance of others.

“We actually get a lot of nursing majors on the team,” said instructional specialist and western riding coach Cindy Gooch. “We sometimes get people who just want to be around horses.”

The equestrian club is always looking for new members to join the team, admission has changed though. Beginning this school year, the equestrian club has started having tryouts to get into the club. “We want to have riders with some riding background,” said Gooch.

To be a part of the team, a horse is not needed. LBCC owns 11 horses at this time with many available for use. The school boards them at a barn only a few miles from campus, where they hold practices and have onsite caretakers.

“It’s a blast to be a part of a super friendly team and it’s nice to have responsibilities so you feel like you’re contributing,” said nursing major and team member Aidan Demorest.

This year, the team is looking ahead in hopes of participating in competitions with the Intercollegiate Horse Association.

“We’re hoping to compete in one at the end of winter term,” said Gooch.

The team practices two styles of riding: Western on Mondays and Wednesdays late afternoons, and English on Thursdays and Fridays late afternoons. “You can pick one or both,” said Demorest.

Story by Ruth Nash

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