LBCC Student Ambassadors Host Tuesday Tea Time Events

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The beginning of winter term can be a stressful time. Clubs are starting back up, and students are working on new assignments and new year’s resolutions, all while braving the coldest and rainiest winter months.

Fortunately, student organizations such as the international student ambassadors have come up with several events not only to warm up students’ bellies, but also to provide a platform for international students to share their experiences.

The LBCC International Student Ambassadors are hosting three separate Tuesday Tea Time events this term, on Feb. 12 and March 5. Like their weekly Global Connections Hangout, the student ambassadors will be hosting these events in Takena 119 from 1 to 4 p.m., and they invite students to stop by and try some tea.

“The event is very light,” said Erika Iizuka, one of the head student ambassadors. “People don’t have to stay the whole time.”

Students are encouraged to stop by and try some of the many exotic teas.

“Some of the students go to their home countries and bring back tea as gifts,” said Jai Verma, another head student ambassador.

Teas are brought by students from Japan, China, India, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia.

“Jai brings the best tea,” Iizuka laughed, “Sometimes, students bring in tea snacks too. One student last year brought Chinese pancake.”

It’s nice to sit down with a cup of tea between classes, but the ambassadors hope that this event can do something more.

“We’d like to share international culture with domestic students,”said Verma. “Tea is something shared throughout culture, and it’s something that we can share as a community of students.”

Amy Smucker has been involved with the international students since she started at LB. Her interest started when she began coming to the Global Connections Hangouts.

“I got started with the hangout because I have lived overseas, and when I started at LBCC I had just moved back from Thailand. I was feeling a little out of place in America, then I saw a flier for this global connections thing.”

Smucker hopes to stop by the international students lounge on Tuesday in between classes to have some tea and mingle a bit.

“Our international students have so much to share,” she said, “It’s a good place to make a new friend.”

Story by Caleb Barber

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