“Resident Evil 2: 1-Shot Demo” Is Perfect Way to Get Immersed Before Remake’s Release

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After 21 years since its release on the original PlayStation, “Resident Evil 2” is being remade for a new generation; and a “1-shot” demo has been released digitally ahead of the full game’s release on Jan. 25. From the first 30 minutes of gameplay alone, this new take on the 1998 survival horror classic already looks to be a strong update to an already acclaimed game.

The story once again follows Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield (sister of Chris Redfield from the first game), who are investigating an incident at a police station in Raccoon City. Though the demo only shows the first half-hour of gameplay, it’s already clear that this latest update to one of the best entries in the “Resident Evil” series is going to be a fantastic game for longtime fans and a great way for newcomers to experience it for the first time. The graphics take full advantage of the advances in technology that have been made since 1998, with even basic models of the PS4 and Xbox One delivering new heights of realism to enhance the terror. The strategic “tank controls” of the original game have also made way for gameplay that’s been common for the series since “Resident Evil 4.” Still, the game, much like 2017’s acclaimed “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard,” keeps a good balance of action and horror. It draws players into its horrifying atmosphere without hammering them into submission.

While not the first time the game has been reversioned, this latest take on “Resident Evil 2” looks to be the definitive version of an already acclaimed game when it launches on Jan. 25. With a remake of “Resident Evil 3: Nemesis” also in development for the near future, this 1-shot demo is the ideal way to get immersed in the terrifying world of Raccoon City for both newcomers and longtime fans.

Column By Steven Pryor

At a Glance:

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom R&D/Division 1
Platform: PlayStation 4/Xbox One
Demo Available from Jan. 11 to January 31
Full Game Releases Jan. 25

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