Red Mom vs. Blue Mom: Ted Talk Speakers Outline Civil Discourse and Friendship in Divisive Era

Civil Discourse Club 2018.

On Thursday Nov. 15 LBCC’s Civil Discourse Club hosted “Red Mom v.s. Blue Mom” with Ted Talk speakers, Caitlin Quattromani and Lauran Arledge. The Speaker Series is an ongoing project called “Respect + Rebellion,” which is coordinated by the umbrella company Village Square.

The overall goal of “Respect + Rebellion” is to circulate discourse among college campuses in a demonstration that conveys how two opposing opinions can co-exist. “Red Mom v.s. Blue Mom” offered insight into an ongoing dialogue among two friends that choose to acknowledge their differences, using debate to evolve their own perspectives and maintain a sense of respect and humanity with others carrying opposing viewpoints.

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Caitlin Quattromani and Lauran Arledge opened their series casting light on how well they know the other’s personal life history. The point of this exchange was to engage with the “other side” as a human with living dispositions. After their initial introduction they got down to business by highlighting steps to their own discourse, acknowledging their own faults and how they have resolved missteps in their discourse with each other.

Story and Photos by Angela Scott

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Live video footage of this event and follow up questions can be found at: LBCCCivilDiscourse. And accompanied with a previous story by Caleb Barber at

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