Fall Theater Begins With Auditions and Workshops for “I Got Guns”

Abigayle Whitnah and Falyn Lazarus take part in an exercise during the workshop auditions for “I Got Guns.” Photos by Sarah Melcher

Commedia Dell’Arte is a form of theatre that has prevailed since the 16th century in Italy. Plays traditionally surround aristocratic society in Italy, with characters that represent the head of houses, lovers, servants and a fool. The masks are dorned so each character is recognizable as that specific character, no matter who is performing. Commedia Dell’Arte contains an open platform which contains comedy, improv and satirical commentary on society throughout history.

The first round of auditions were held for “I Got Guns” on Monday. The play centers around political perceptions of the gun rights debate. Written and directed by Dan Stone, LBCC Theater Arts Director, the production won awards at the San Diego Fringe Film Festival for best actor, Tinamarie Ivy (LBCC Theater Faculty), and best director.

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Stone has given students a chance to perform in his own modern narrative within the Commedia Dell’Arte historical framework. “I Got Guns” will be a participating production in the Kennedy Center/ American College Theater Festival which will take place Feb. 18 through the 22.

“I Got Guns” will be performed in The Russell Trip Theater on Nov. 9, 10, 15, and 16.

Story By Angela Scott

Photos By Sarah Melcher

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