A Resource Guide For Those Battling Against Poverty, Stress, and Academic Pressure

Self-portrait taken with a phone on October 21, 2015 during my first term at LBCC. My partner and I managed to create a small table for making coffee in the morning. (Photo: Angela Scott)

The first time I stepped through LBCC’s doors as a student, I was living in a tent, riding the bus and almost 30 years old. I was travelling with barely anything besides my clothes, my partner and our tent. My life was a mess. And there were others coming to campus feeling the same way.

The previous year that I spent working, my bosses, managers and co-workers, never knew my mailing address was somewhere I only received mail and that sometimes one could find my tent in their backyard.

At LBCC, I found it easier to talk to my teachers, peers and advisors about my situation. I asked for their input in order to proactively find resources and accommodations that are completely different for students who are houseless, low-income, single parents, veterans, etc.

Along the way I found some local life hacks, resources, and ways to succeed while trying to gain a permanent housing situation. In other words, through determination and a support system at LBCC, I was able to develop a life beyond survival. By the end of my first term, I had shelter and a 4.0 GPA. Though my housing situation didn’t really settle down until this past winter, at LBCC I have always been able to reach out and academically function more than I ever expected.

Perhaps, you are reading this, worried about where you are going to sleep this term, or what will happen to your SNAP benefits, or what to do when the season changes and you don’t have enough money for a warm coat. Maybe you will find a sense of reassurance in that going to school can very much change your circumstances for the better and alleviate some of the stress as an effect of poverty.

Here is a list of resources on campus that has helped me and others in similar circumstances. Please do not hesitate to reach out for the support you need.

Albany Campus Resource Information:

Health and Hygiene:

Showers at the Activities Center:
There are showers with towels and you can take a shower any time as long as you are a student. If you are enrolled in a P.E. class (both credit and non-credit) you can have a locker that creates a great place to stash extra clean and dry clothes.

Feminine Hygiene and Contraception:
The Diversity Achievement Center has tampons and condoms available for free.

Mental Health
Limited Personal Counseling:
Advisor/counselors are available for addressing conflicts, stressors, and life issues that are impacting college success.
Contact the Albany Advising Center: 541-917-4780

Active Minds Club:
Active Minds is not only an active club on campus, but is also a nationwide nonprofit organization with chapters at various colleges and universities. Their goal: increase mental health awareness, education, and advocacy and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.
Contact: Lisa Hoogesteger
Email: hoogesl@linnbenton.edu

If you’re struggling with mental health, abusive relationships, or sexual assault, 211 can help you find nearby resources to get you back up on your feet.

Open Hours for a Workout:
4-6 Monday through Friday
The Activities Center has an exercise room with weights, treadmills, yoga balls and all kinds of healthy ways to blow off steam for free.

Safe Spaces:

Diversity Achievement Center (DAC):
Mosaic of cultures, genders, generations, races and life experiences, with varying abilities and identities. LGBTQ+ friendly, comfy couches, conversations, movies, general guidance and printing services.

Room of Requirement (DAC ANNEX):
A safe space at the Albany Campus library for students to catch a breather, take a nap and find some alone time (about 45 minutes) to relax.

Global Connections Club (GCC):
Weekly lunchtime hangouts where students talk about their countries, places they have traveled, and the cultural experiences that make those places around the world so interesting and dynamic. (Generally starts around Week 3, look for posters)
Contact: Kim Sullivan
Email: sullivk@linnbenton.edu

Estudiantes del Sol:
As LBCC’s only Latino club, it’s here to make a positive impact on campus by presenting the culture and history of Latin America. Its mission is to be present and active on campus — but its purpose is to make a lasting impact on the Latino community. It welcomes all students regardless of their cultural background.
Contact: Tania Mendez
Email: mendezt@linnbenton.edu

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA):
Strength in diversity! Friendship and support among the LGBTQ+ community and our straight allies.
Contact: Tim Black
Email: gsalbcc@gmail.com

CFAR (Center for Accessibility of Resources)
Offers daily and weekly lockers on a limited basis.
Contact: Main Office in Red Cedar Hall

Athletic Department
Offers Lockers on a limited basis for those in need who are not enrolled in an athletic elective.
Lockers are also given to students when taking a class both credit/non-credit.
Contact: Gayle Rushing in the Main Office at the Activities Center


Free Bus Pass
Linn Shuttle, Linn-Benton Loop, Albany Transit when you show your Student ID.

Craigslist Rideshare:
Make an anonymous post to see if anyone wants to start a carpool based on your location.

An app specific to LBCC students where you can post and connect for carpooling, selling books, general discussion and meet your peers on a platform similar to Facebook.

Financial Aid:

If you are a first-time student, check and double check to see if you have been randomly selected to provide extra documentation of your income, etc. This can be found under the OUTSTANDING REQUIREMENTS tab of your Webrunner.

Financial aid also offers many scholarships. You can search the scholarship database, submit scholarship applications, and get tips and advice on your applications.

Link to LBCC scholarship page:

You can fill out a general application that applies to many open scholarships here:


Family Connections:
Family Connections consultants have information about individualized child care referrals, parenting education, children’s activities, summer camps, fun things for families to do, support groups and other family-centered resources throughout Linn and Benton Counties.
Phone: 541-917-4899 Email: connect@linnbenton.edu

Parenting Success Network:
Online resource for parenting. They have an up-to-date Facebook and Twitter; website includes interactive calendars, blogs and resources for parents throughout Linn and Benton Counties in Oregon.
Website: http://www.parentingsuccessnetwork.org

Books, Rentals and Wi-fi:

LBCC Bookstore:
View your available Bookstore credit by accessing Webrunner. If your Bookstore credit is good to go, you can rent books and calculators for the term! You can also purchase Food Service Cards for Courtyard Cafe and Commons Cafeteria.

LBCC Library Services (Albany Campus):
Rent a laptop to take home or a calculator for the day.
Most books required for classes are available upon request for part of the day.
Pay for any late fees by donating cans of food.

Open source sites:
LBCC Library (Open Educational Resources)

Ask a classmate:
If you can take photos of the text on your phone and send it to yourself through an email or on Google drive to look at it on your laptop or desktop. This works for a library book rental as well.

Ask Google:
“Open Source Textbook” or “the name of your book free pdf”

If LBCC Library is closed:
Try to get to the OSU library, they are open 24/7 on weekdays and until midnight on the weekends! They have wi-fi, giant dry erase boards, and quiet zones based on the floor you are on.


Snap Benefits:
Snap for Students website that details exemptions and qualifications:

LBLB (Linn-Benton Lunch Box):
The Linn-Benton Lunch Box is a food pantry for students and their families. You can stop by Student Life and Leadership on the Albany Campus and present your student ID (with a current term sticker) to get an emergency three-day supply of food for you and your family.

Horticulture Club Farmers Market:
Student run farmer’s market on campus that offers low-priced organic food grown on campus! If you have SNAP benefits, they are willing to gift you food based on availability.


Jaya Lapham, Veterans Resource Coordinator at LBCC

Meghan Pickens Loyd, LBCC Veterans Affairs Officer

Additional Information:

What: Single Stop
When: Sometime in October
Located: Takena Hall, Room T-112
Contact: Singlestopatlbcc@linnbenton.edu
Service that will streamline resources available to students through a fast and easy online form based on your specific needs. In the meantime, students can send an email to set up an appointment and discuss resource options with Amanda Stanley.

Column by Angela Scott

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