Athletic Director Majeski Looks To Create New, Quality Culture Within Department

Mark Majeski

With the start of classes approaching on the LBCC campus, new horizons appear not only in academics, but in the athletics department as well. The biggest change notably, is the introduction of new head athletic director, Mark Majeski.

Majeski was born in Madison, Wisconsin before moving to the Bay Area when he was eight years old. Behind him is a resume that holds weight, with many major opportunities that have helped him throughout his career. Starting with a stadium management role not only in the 1994 World Cup, but also in the 1996 Olympic Games, which was located in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2000, Majeski accepted a role to be Willamette University’s director of athletics in Salem, which lasted for 11 years. He also holds experience in coaching and directing at the University of California, Santa Cruz, while having a softball coaching stint at Menlo University, located in Silicon Valley.

“There are practical skills I’ve developed over time, like fundraising, strategic planning and communication, that will be helpful. One key learned from experience is understanding what you can, and cannot, change or influence. The ability to focus energy, resources and attention to things that matter most is a key to success.” said Majeski

While Majeski is thrilled to start his new position, he has his eyes on a few goals and has a detailed vision for LBCC athletics going forward.

“The vision for LBCC athletics is a culture built on quality, in everything that we do. We will have an athletics program that represent the College with high academic performance, model citizenship and athletic achievement.” said Majeski.

“A culture of quality means no shortcuts, and no excuses. This culture is built by focusing on the process, or the ‘why’ and ‘how’ we do things, rather than on the outcomes. If we do the right things, for the right reasons, we will produce outcomes that reflect our culture.”

Leading such a powerful and large role is something he has done before, but somewhere unfamiliar brings new challenges and new hurdles to overcome. Majeski knows this well going into the new role.

“Financial pressures are an ever-increasing challenge for all athletics programs. General funds and student fees can only go so far. This is where the importance of generating external resources comes in. We need to identify and implement ways for LBCC athletics to increase our revenues. Funding, then, becomes a true partnership between the institution, the athletics program and community supporters.”

A simple outline for success is what follows with the new hire; structure, strategy, and support. Majeski points out how these all synergize to create a powerful common goal, which yield successful results as a byproduct. Structure means reorganizing a department to create pathways, not micro-management, which then identifies common goals. Strategy builds a plan from these common goals, and finally support is the life needed to complete the goals.

“All three are critical and all are interdependent upon one another. That is my intention and hope for LBCC” added Majeski.

Everybody has a goal before the start of a new term. This includes not only students, but staff and athletics as well and from the looks of it, Majeski is very detailed and strategic in this. The resume is good, the goal is common, and the resources are available, and if the goal is realized, fans of LBCC athletics have something to look forward to in the next few years.

Story By Cam Hanson