Former LBCC Student Christopher Strahan Indicted on Federal Charges

Cristopher Strahan

It has been four months since Oregon State University students got an email alert warning of several threats to the school posted on Twitter by a user going by the name “Hard Belly Dorm.” Now, that the dust is settled, former LBCC Student Christopher Strahan has been federally charged with one count of making interstate communication of a threat to injure the person of another.

According to Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute, Strahan has been charged under US Code § 875 (c) which can carry up to five years in prison.

While Strahan has been in jail ever since his arrest in February of this year, prosecutors dismissed the charges once Federal Authorities took over in March, according to the Corvallis Gazette-Times. He has been in the custody of the U.S. Marshals.

Strahan has pled not guilty and was denied bond during his initial appearance in court in March, being determined “a flight risk and danger to the community.”

Strahan will again appear in front of a judge on August 22.

In a series of tweets posted in late February, Strahan threaten to “shoot up” the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis, while also comparing himself to parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz.

“There’ll be disorientation crying and a whole lot of emergency responders at orientation” read one of Strahan’s tweets.

Strahan is currently barred from taking classes on LBCC’s campus by the administration. It is still unclear is Strahan will be allowed back on campus upon his release.

Story By Millicent Durand

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