Happy Birthday, LBCC!

Former president of LBCC Jon Carnahan holds a newspaper from 1993 while he told stories during the burial ceremony of the latest time capsule.

In 1993, Bill Clinton was president, gas was $1.60 a gallon, you could buy a brand new house for $130K in Albany, and a 25 year time capsule was buried in the courtyard at LBCC.

“Anyone remember what this is?” asked Jon Carnahan, former president of LBCC, as he held up a VHS tape. He had just removed it from the time capsule which was unearthed last week on Wednesday, May 16. It marks the 50th Anniversary of LBCC

Some of the other things in the time capsule showed us how much the world has changed in 25 years. A floppy disk and an LB school phone book are good examples of that. Other things, like giant textbooks and a printer ink cartridge, tell us the world hasn’t changed as much as we might think.

A new time capsule was buried the same day, set to be dug up in 2043 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of LBCC. People were asked to make suggestions of what to put in the new time capsule.

The items that were put into the new capsule included LBCC’s mission/ core themes/ values, pennant, Roadrunner Red IPA, baseball signed by the 30 game winning streak LBCC baseball team, viewbook, schedule of classes, marketing materials, 50th anniversary button, Rocky the Roadrunner plush, fidget spinner, 2017 solar eclipse items, aerial photos of campus, Commuter student paper from May 16, part of the old gym floor, recent news headlines, gold medal from classified appreciation day, Democrat Herald from May 16, fast facts about LBCC, inspired t-shirt, drawing by LBCC Cooperative Preschool, and 49 issues of the Commuter 1970-2018 digital.




A giant birthday card was available to sign for LBCC’s 50th birthday and is still available to sign in front of the business office.




A group of people who attended the 50th anniversary look through the contents of the 25 year time capsule that was buried in 1993.




A photo from the 1993 time capsule shows people boarding an LBCC bus. Every 25 years a time capsule is replaced.




Rocky the Roadrunner high-fives LBCC President Greg Hamann after replacing the new capsule to be opened again in 2043.




Russel Tripp poses next to a photo of himself breaking ground for the LBCC campus with Dale Parnell, Glen Huston, and Bob Adams in the 1960’s.

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