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A Bloody Good Time – TV Series Review: Santa Clarita Diet — Season 2

NETWORK: Netflix
STARRING: Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, Liv Hewson, and Skyler Gisondo
CREATED BY: Victor Fresco
RELEASE DATE: March 23, 2018

Who will Drew Barrymore eat this season? Will she and her husband finally find a solution to her cannibalism, or will they get busted by the cops first?

“Santa Clarita Diet” has returned for a second season on Netflix after a notable first season in 2017. This zombie-comedy series takes a deeper look at how Sheila Hammond (Drew Barrymore) and Joel Hammond (Timothy Olyphant) handle their special circumstances and take a crack at saving humanity in its second season.

In the first season finale, viewers are left hanging when Sheila is chained up in the basement after her hunger takes over and she attacks her husband Joel, who simultaneously ends up in a psych ward.

Throughout the first season, which released Feb. 3, 2017, the Hammonds face a series of obstacles as Sheila becomes a zombie and starts to crave human flesh. Their witty daughter Abby (Liv Hewson) and nerdy neighbor boy Eric Bemis (Skyler Gisondo) are along for the ride.

“The first few episodes of ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ suffer from an excessive amount of gore — as if Mr. Fresco was afraid we wouldn’t get the joke — and the last third of the season flattens out as the mystery and thriller elements take over,” New York Times journalist Mike Hale wrote about the first season.

Hale makes a good point about the excessive gore, but don’t let it turn you away from the series as a whole. The cast only brings more humor to the scenarios they put themselves in.

Series creator Victor Fresco has exceeded my expectations by delivering even more quirky, comical, and slightly gory episodes in the second season.

“I really enjoyed season two. I thought it was a very well thought out continuation of season one,” said LBCC student Kaj Bansen. “It was extremely binge-worthy.”

In a Netflix interview with Barrymore, Olyphant says, “One of the things that I find quite brilliant about the show is that although they are killing people for her [Sheila] to live, they are victims in this whole situation as well.”

The second season of “Santa Clarita Diet” dives deeper into the Hammond’s struggle to live a sustainable lifestyle, as well as get closer to the bottom of how it all began. The series takes some twists and turns as the Hammonds discover other people with Sheila’s same condition. Will the Hammonds get caught in the crossfire of prior investigations?

Their unique situation is brought back to life in season two that is as insane as it is hilarious.

Popsugar journalist Quinn Keaney wrote, “Season two leans in even more to the crazy, resulting in a series that feels completely at ease with the unique niche it’s carved out for itself — a zany, slightly nausea-inducing, laugh-out-loud look at life for a formerly mundane suburban couple.”

I couldn’t agree more with Keaney. “Santa Clarita Diet” brings us a comical take on people who have gone bloodthirsty, and shies away from the more traditional zombie storyline. With each episode running at about 30 minutes long, the time you invest will fly by and you’ll be longing for more once the final credits roll.

Netflix has unfortunately not announced a third season yet.


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