VIP Student Lounge Opens

Located on the second floor of Takena Hall 229, the VIP lounge is part of the First Year experience department at LBCC to help increase student retention.

Diana Boro-Boswell, the organizer of the VIP lounge, says that despite this being the fourth year a registration event was held, this is the first year the VIP lounge will be used in place of the previous event “Black Friday.”

“Each year with fall registration we really want to call attention to it. It is really easy for students to leave for the summer without having registered yet. The weeks go by… and when they go to register they realize the schedule they want isn’t available, and sometimes students just don’t come back.” Boro-Boswell said.

The VIP lounge features video games, movies, a nap room, and snacks alongside academic advisors looking to help students make plans for Fall Term and registration help to register for classes.

“We’re offering help with all of those processes.” Boro-Boswell said “Finding out who your advisor is, making an appointment with them, offering drop in advising for students who have been having trouble connecting with their advisors, and offering registration help as well.”

However, Boro-Boswell voiced her concerns about the room.

“We’re worried that people won’t know about it and think they aren’t invited or allowed in. We want everyone to stop by, even if they haven’t seen their advisor. Anyone is welcome, but getting the word out will be a challenge in this first year.”

In all, noone does a better job at summarizing the room than Boro-Boswell herself.

“We try to make it really fun and really transparent and really supportive, and we always just have fun events to remind students why they love being at LB.”