TV Series Review: Atlanta: Robbin’ Season

Courtesy: FX

Network: FX, Thursdays at 10P
Starring Donald Glover, Lakeith Stanfield, Brian Tyree Henry, and Zazie Beetz
Created by Donald Glover
Rated TV-MA
My Rating: *****/5

The FX hit TV show “Atlanta” has just capped off a successful second season. While many were unsure on how series creator Donald Glover would follow the acclaim of the first season, this “Robbin’ Season” delivers a unique blend of drama and offbeat comedy that makes it a worthy second outing.

The season has a unique story structure, where each episode contributes to the larger narrative as well as its own self-contained story. This style, according to Glover; was influenced by an unexpected source: the animated film “Tiny Toons: How I Spent My Summer Vacation.”

Using a quirky method of editing and cinematography, the atmosphere for the show not only paints a stylish portrait of daily life in Atlanta, Georgia, it also shows off Glover’s talent for rapping and acting in a myriad of genres. One episode can be centered around the German celebration of “Fasnacht,” while another can be a surprisingly tender look at Michael Jackson in the later years of his life. The way the series blends character drama and unconventional, often dark humor helped make the first season highly memorable, and there’s no shortage of great material this time around either. Glover also wrote much of the season’s material as well as directed many of the episodes alongside his brother Stephen and Hiro Murai.

While it’s currently unknown whether or not the series will return for a third season, the show, much like the first outing in 2016 is definitely proof of Donald Glover’s many talents and is worthy of being called one of the best series on TV. Very few shows of any kind can have an episode centered around FUBU activewear that also involves how a middle school deals with the death of a student and have it totally fit the tone of the series.

With the finale having recently aired this past Thursday, “Atlanta: Robbin’ Season” is a great second outing for Donald Glover’s delightfully quirky dramedy. If you haven’t seen the show, feel free to take a look at both seasons.

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