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Diversity Photo Contest Winners

1rst place winner-
Mary Mora
“This photo is a bit old, but this is me going with the typical thing you think of when you hear ‘diversity’. These two are some of my close friends from home when we were about to graduate from school.”




2nd place winner-
Kyle Stephens




Vanessa Cisneos
“In this picture we can perceive a little bit of the Mexican Culture. We can see the bright colors standing out. We can also see one of the traditional Mexican agua fresca (fresh water) , known as Jamaica or hibiscus. We can also perceive the pan dulce (sweet bread) at the table, this a very typical bread in Mexico that is consumed everyday by Mexican/Latino families.”




Honorable Mentions-My Tran
“LBCC International students from 5 different countries are having a flag event to represent their countries and talk about the meaning of their flags.”





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