Sky Bridge: SSH welcomes new art show that captures the essence of an ocean sunset

Through the school year, South Santiam Hall sees a large number of talented and original artists and shows. On Monday, May 5, the downstairs gallery welcomed artists Sophie Leininger and Matthew Branciforte to talk about their new show, “Sky Bridge.”

The two work collaboratively and share a studio together down in the Bay Area. Being so close to the ocean definitely inspired this exhibition.

The space is filled with six vividly-colored round canvases displaying bright, organic colors. Leininger is the artist of the painted canvases, and explained that “In a sunset you can see purples, blues and oranges,” which she tried to capture.

Two sheets of textiles are hung in the room by Branciforte. One is a shimmering blue and purple material draping over itself. The other is simply an opaque plastic sheet that lets colored lights from light gels dance off of it.

“I like textiles because I can show the same piece a million times in different ways,” said Branciforte.

The combination of the brightly colored circular canvas’, shimmering textile fabric pieces and the effects of the light gels give their desired effect. Leininger explained that they were trying to capture “the sun rippling across the ocean right before the sun goes down.”

“It is a collaborative piece that played with the nuances of the moment,” said Branciforte.

The space is an interesting walk through, and is open until May 30.

Pictures to be uploaded today

At a Glance:

Sophie Leininger
Instagram: @magiccarpetyogamats, @dior_gelato

Matthew Branciforte
Instagram: @mb.forte