Campus Ambassadors Welcome

Stephanie Pace, a community volunteer here at LBCC, loves nothing more than to enjoy a chai tea latte while teaching and enriching the lives of others through scripture in the Hot Shot Cafe.

Luckily for Pace and Adviser David Becker, they are able to share their passion for scripture and Christianity with other community members at Linn-Benton Community College through a program named Campus Ambassadors. There are multiple different aspects of this program that you can join: the philosophy group “Circle of Reason,” the prayer group, the Truth Project, or the Abide group.

The philosophy group meets at the Diversity Achievement Center on Thursdays from 3-5 p.m., which has the role of going over all aspects of Christianity, studying scripture and addressing the different views of religion. Circle of Reason is a Christian non-denominational group, and is full of members who want to grow closer to God.

“This group is very welcoming to all and any who want to learn more about Christianity and grow a better understanding of God,” said Pace.

On Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., you can join a group responsible for exploring, “The Truth Project”, where you will watch a video series exploring what truth is. This is located in IA 233 on the Albany campus.

“Truth project is a personal favorite for me,” LBCC student Ashanti Joseph added.

“Tuesdays from 2 to 4 p.m. in Forum 115 is where you can come to join in on our larger group discussion, where we cover all aspects of the bible and Christianity, we call this our Abide group” said Pace.

“You can also join us on Mondays noon to 1 p.m. on the first floor of the Calapooia building to join in on our prayer group. You can come to join our prayer or share something you’d like us to pray for, as always, all are welcome!”

“Campus Ambassadors is a program to join if you are looking for a place that is both welcoming and warm, especially if you are searching for a place to allow your soul to grow,” said LBCC student Emily Ludington, one of the group’s members.

More than once Pace, Ludington and Joseph described the Campus Ambassadors at LBCC as “a very welcoming group.”

“Campus Ambassadors is a steady growing group, and has been around for, oh goodness… well, before 2008,” said Pace.

Pace went on to describe how fascinating it was to see how the group kept continuously growing. When asked how many members were a part of Campus Ambassadors, Pace said, “roughly 20-30 members, but we would always love to see more.”

“I have been in this group for about two years now, and really enjoy it,” Ludington said.

“I just joined this club last week, and I love it!” Joseph said.

“If anytime is the right time to grow in spirituality, then that time is right now, right here with your very own community,” Pace said.

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