Q & A with Marta Nuñez

Vice President-elect Marta Nuñez is preparing for her new role in student government as she is set to be sworn into office later this term on May 16.

Nuñez first worked in SLC as an event planner, but currently works as the group’s community outreach director. She finished her associates in business administration, but is now pursuing a degree in art as her goal after college is to become an art therapist.


Q: What would you say your personal mission statement is?

A: It’s helping others become successful throughout their lives here at LBCC.


Q: What motivates you in SLC?

A: Nobody really knows about us and I want show people that we’re here for them, and let them know that their voice definitely counts in this community… That’s the goal that I want other students to know.


Q: How do you plan to apply lessons you’ve in SLC in your current position to your new position as vice president?

A: I feel like there’s a lot of ways to communicate with other people and learn how to communicate and that’s going to be a huge skill that I will need… Another thing is being involved with each of the [SLC] members; trying to communicate with them and learn what they like to do and stuff like… Just being that person who listens more and speaks less.


Q: What do you think is one of the biggest issues facing students at LBCC?

A: Like I said it’s just getting students more involved with us. Also trying to be the example for them and let them know what we are trying to do. We don’t want to give them the impression that we’re not doing enough… We also want them to feel welcome and feel like they’re doing something here at LBCC while they’re here to study.


Q: Do you have any plans on how to get people more involved with SLC?

A: Mostly just try to communicate and make friends. Like if we have an event just let them know ‘hey we’re here’ and present myself my self to classes… So people can know if they need something or want something we’re here. Because it’s not only me it’s also the team that would be helping other students.


If students have additional questions or concerns that they would like to discuss they are encouraged to stop by the Student Life and Leadership office located at the northeast part of the Albany campus courtyard.

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