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Humans of LBCC

Rebecca Bolan
“So, I’m not a student here; I’m driving my daughter, who is a student. She’s in the culinary program here. The happiest moments of my life would probably be the birth of my kids. I have six children. Their ages are 18, 17, 16, 12, 11 and six months. I don’t know my hobbies. Probably not much since my hands are full with kids. Something I want to achieve in my life is that all my kids graduate school and college. My kids definitely look up to me. The person who inspires me the most is probably my son. Going to college myself at Oregon Coast Community College in Newport would be my greatest accomplishment.”
Story & Photo by Sara Fanger




Amy Smucker
“This time around I started in the fall, but I actually took classes here about 11 years ago I think. Spring and Fall of 2006. I really liked Children’s Literature. I like books and I enjoyed the atmosphere too, I just found it so calming. I also really enjoyed my ED216 class. I just felt like the teacher did a really good job of incorporating different teaching techniques and getting us talking. I taught English overseas for three and a half years in Thailand and I would like to go back. I like reading and hiking. There are so many beautiful places around here to go. My biggest fear would just be leading an insignificant life. I really want my life to be worth something and to impact other people in positive ways. Maybe along with the insignificant, is that I would unintentionally hurt other people.”
Story and Photo by Sara Fanger




Bailey Sprague
My favorite hobby is working on my truck. Ever since I was really young I’ve always been obsessed with pretty much anything with wheels and a motor. I remember going to my grandpas and playing on the tractor when I was little and my dad teaching me how to work on his pickup. Now, I’ve used all that knowledge to work on my truck and that’s why I’m going into engineering.
Story and Photo by Samantha Wilson




Sydney LaVoie
“I saw a challenge on facebook called the ‘I love you’ challenge and I wanted to take the day to spread some love on campus. The simplest things can make someone feel better so I wanted to let them know that I love them. I have gotten a couple responses, when I was at the bus stop this morning I saw people just smiling at my sign or just in my direction. It makes me feel good, it makes me feel like I am able to make their day brightened by the simplest of words. There is so much hate and negativity in the world going on right now with everything that has happened. The way we battle hate is not through hate itself, but through love.”
Story and Photo by Taryn Sustello

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