Diversity Day Photo Contest

The Diversity Achievement Center is now accepting submissions for its Diversity Day photo contest, which runs until May 6 and will be an online-submission only contest. The purpose of the contest is to capture photos of moments or things that represent diversity at LBCC.  

Experiencing other cultures can be a rewarding experience, and this contest is meant to get others to not only witness positive moments that represent diversity, but to give others the chance to experience it as well.

The idea for the contest was brought to life by student staff member of the Diversity Achievement Center Leena Mohammed. She wanted people to pay attention and notice the positive diversity here at LBCC. This is why she worked with the DAC to create this contest.

While Diversity Day at LBCC is May 9, the competition ends on May 6, so there will be enough time to judge the photos. The four judges that will be critiquing the submitted photos are Leena Mohammed, Karmann Roche from the Student Leadership Council, another staff member from the DAC, and Angela Scott from the Commuter.

The purpose of the entered photos is to represent diversity at LBCC. This is the content in which the photos will be judged. The photos should be of the highest possible quality you can take for the purpose of printing. When it comes to the quality, the highest resolution is best. RAW or High Quality JPEG’s can be printed in the Commuter. If the resolution is lower, there is a chance that it may not be able to be printed in the paper due to overall quality.

First place will have their photo printed in the Diversity Day issue of the Commuter, resolution standards apply, that is distributed on Diversity Day, and receive a $50 gift card to the LBCC Bookstore.

Second place will receive a $20 gift card to the bookstore, and third place will receive a $10 gift card to the bookstore.

Along with the mentioned prizes, first through third place will also be printed as 8×10’s, framed, and put on display in the Calapooia Center Gallery.

To submit photos, please visit the Diversity Achievement Center and request the submission info, and they will provide you with a contest summary that includes the link to submit your information and photo.

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