LB Student Released From State Custody: Christopher Strahan moved to federal custody after threats against OSU

Former LBCC Student Christopher Strahan is now in federal custody a month after he made threats against Oregon State University.

An email sent by Linn-Benton Community College Students from Marcene Olson, director of Safety & Loss prevention confirmed that that Strahan was out of custody.

“Christopher Strahan has been served with a No Trespass Order for campus and is thus excluded from all premises and events/activities until permission to return has been granted through the appropriate authorities at LBCC,” an email sent to all LBCC Students read.

The email also spoke about LBCC’s commitment to be a place free of “fear and anxiety of harm.”

“Individuals who are disruptive in the learning environment or create an environment of fear and intimidation must meet specific requirements before being allowed to be on campus or at LBCC events,” the email continued.

In a follow up email, Olson confirmed that he was currently in federal custody.

“The OR VINE alert we received stating that Christopher Strahan (the student that issued social media threats to fellow students last term) had been released from custody, applied only to state custody. The student was remanded to the custody of federal authorities and is currently held pending arraignment toward the end of this month,” the follow up email read.

Strahan was arrested in February for making threats towards OSU on twitter, where he compared himself to Nikolas Cruz, who killed 17 people in Parkland, Florida, as well as said that he was “going to kill every person at this facility.”

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