Calapooia Gallery Features Vinyl Artist: Albany gallery features layered vinyl art images by Bill Thompson

Art by Bill Thompson

Vinyl Artist Bill Thompson was the featured artist for the month of March at Gallery Calapooia, 222 First Ave. W., Albany. The title of the show was “Experimentation and Evolution — 5 Years of Vinyl.”

Thompson, an Albany resident and accomplished artist in many types of media, uses layers of thin sheet vinyl paper to create fine art images in a four step process. Scenes of boats, trees, birds, rivers, animals, and coasts are just some of the intricately detailed images on display.

Thompson discovered the process several years ago while attempting to cut a stencil for a multicolor screen print.

“I’ve been addicted to it ever since,” said Thompson, as he bent over his small work table next to the entrance at Friday’s gallery opening. Several people gathered around Thompson as he demonstrated swift, precise cuts on a square of vinyl with an x-acto knife. Two minutes later he transferred the geometric image using contact paper onto a coaster-sized tile, and handed the finished art piece to an onlooker. “For you,” he said with a smile.

Thompson makes it look easy. He follows a four step process which he wrote out on a board beside his work table. However, a closer look at the beautiful and intricate layered images on display in the gallery reveals meticulous planning and handling, not to mention great patience for “all the little bits” that make up key shadows and outlines.

Retired for eight years, Thompson said the skills he used in his career as an electrical engineer influenced his desire to pursue and develop his work in layered vinyl.

Eighteen other mid-valley artists have works on display in addition to Thompson’s, and all art can be viewed from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. For more information contact or call 541-971-5701.




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