Nature and Beauty

Photos by Angela Scott

It is not uncommon to walk past the Performing Arts room in South Santiam Hall or through the hallways of LBCC and see a group of students gathered together and have the pleasure of hearing their echoing voices joining together in perfect harmony.

They’ve been practicing for the whole term, and on Thursday, March 15, the concert choir, chamber choir, Sirens, and Blue Light Special will perform their beautiful work for the community.

Raymund Ocampo is the master behind this newest selection of ensembles, and has composed a program that embodies nature and the beauty in the world. The title of the concert is “Grace of the World” and the songs will feature stars, light, and flowers. Some of the songs in the repertoire will be ”Sure on this Shining Night” by Morten Lauridsen, “Abendlied” by Rheinberger and the well known “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes.

“The theme of the concert is nature, because, considering what’s happening in the world, beauty is one of the only constants,” Ocampo said. He and his students have witnessed the turmoil in the world around them and have committed to bringing more light and beauty back into the world through song.

Second-year chamber choir member Jackkie Ohmer said, “The world is full of strife, anger, and general unhappiness, but nature is the same whether you are happy or not. It’s always beautiful.”

The college has teamed up with Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge. For an hour before the show, Ankeny will bring and display three different birds of prey in the lobby for the audience to visit and learn about. This is the perfect combination since the concert’s theme is nature, and as Ocampo said, the audience can “experience the outdoors, indoors” and learn about these beautiful, strong creatures.

The students have worked hard and their work has paid off. Their singing is not only beautiful, but they have built a community through their choir. Second-term student Samson Monger said you “come for the singing, stay for the people.”

This concert promises to be delightful to the ears and fulfilling to the heart. Join them on Thursday, March 15, at 7:30 p.m. for the 47th annual Winter Choral Concert and don’t forget to come early to see the birds in the lobby.




Blue Light Special, the men’s student led acapella group




Concert Choir




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