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Looking Ahead

There are many types of people that make up the student body of LBCC that make going to this school a rewarding experience. Whether you make new friends, or a possible business connection for the future, what you take away from the experience, depends on what you put in. Alexander Sales is one of those students that puts it all out there. He is determined and motivated by helping others, while still being able to focus on his passion for art and film.

“He’s got a lot of gumption in terms of his ambition. He listens to people and is someone that is easy-going and fun to be around. He’s someone that you can confide in,” said student and fellow filmmaker Justen Noll. “He’s helped me by being someone to relate to, plus he’s put a lot into several clubs that help students be engaged outside of the classroom,” Noll said.

Sales is the president of the Chess Club, one of the top decision makers of the LB film club and takes part in the role-playing club.

“It is fairly stressful at times, but I draw, take photos and try to play guitar. I feel like these things keep me social and make the stress of school manageable. Oh! I also love coffee and rap music, those are just a necessity for my sanity,” said Sales.

Being part of so many clubs, classes, and social activities may require an abundant amount of energy, and this is what you experience first hand when talking with Sales, who was the Spirit Captain for his high school.

After taking over the role of Chess Club president at the request of the exiting president, Carmela Scafidi, Sales has tried to raise awareness for the Chess Club, while keeping the experience pleasant for those already involved.

“Chess Club has been held in the Commons for a long time. I find it enjoyable,” said Caleb Chladek, a current member of the Chess Club.

The Chess Club is not just about chess though. While there may be many games played, won, and lost, these meetings are also a chance for Sales to get involved with others around him, and provide any guidance he can to help his peers.

“He is really accessible, and he really listens to you,” said Travis Peterson, the student that will be taking over as Chess Club president starting this spring.

Sales is currently a full-time registered student at LBCC that works part time in the new student center. He has multiple film projects in development and is collaborating on a screenplay with fellow LBCC students that will soon be pitched to producer Matthew Stein at Sony Pictures later this year. Sales plans on transferring, after completing his first year at LBCC, to Portland State University to focus on film

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