Career Fair

Photo by Constance Jones

On Wednesday, March 7, the Advising Center presented the 40th annual LBCC Career Fair, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Activities Center. One hundred diverse employers were there showing what their companies do, and what they can offer potential employees.

Once at the event, potential employees would be checked in by advising staff members who manned the sign up desks,

“We have them check in, so we can find out where they need to go, and who to see, based on their employment interests. Once the fair is over, we will be able to send out surveys, track and study patterns,” said Advising staff Member Marissa Johnston.

It was a packed gym, and there was a lot of hand shaking, smiling, and head nodding. Sporadic laughter could be heard throughout the gym.

The Advising Center employed balloons, where they added to the festivities and used them to color code, and distinguished the sponsors’ gold balloons from the other colors for employers and other industries. They sectioned off and specified the types of industry or businesses that would be found there.

“My mom told me to go, and I really don’t want to settle for a job working for Walmart,” said attendee Lee Eichmann. There would be a lot for her to discuss with her mom when she got home.

Eichmann teamed up with friend Dianna Brewer, “I came here because I had to re-evaluate my career options. I wanted to become a nurse, but now that is not possible with my declining health issues,” said Brewer. “I found out there are a lot more careers that I hadn’t considered.”

Oregon Freeze Dry has interests in the students that come out of the Mechatronics Program. They also have their employees continue taking classes, enabling them to gain better knowledge and advance in their jobs. The more certifications they earn, the more they advance in their career.

Most of the employers had a plethora of branded free products: from food products, to pens, writing pads and bags, to help them remember which employers they had talked to.

LBCC Business student Todd Marshall attended with resumes in hand. “I’m looking to advance my career with the tools I’ve been taught at LBCC.”

Marketing consultant for Bicoastal Media, Shannon Israel talked about what her company is looking for in potential employees.

“We are looking for sales people, and writers/sports interns.” said Israel.

“Everyone wants to be on the air, they don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes.”

A new employer to the fair is Alaska General Seafoods (AGS).
Their employment office is in Kenmore, Washington, the processing plants are in Bristol Bay and Ketchikan, Alaska. AGS offers work from mid-June to the end of July, with transportation, housing, and food provided.

Stahlbush Island Farms, Inc, is looking for people to work in the processing plants, as well as the fields and in the office. They are increasing their product line and are gearing up for production.

Home health care,nurseries, insurance companies, school districts and credit unions, were all represented.

For more information about the employers that participated and careers, contact the Advising Center in the Takena Hall room 101, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or call: 541- 917- 4780 to make an appointment.

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