DuckTales! Woo-oo!

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TV Show Review:

Duck Tales (2017)

By Steven Pryor

Starring the voices of David Tennant, Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, Bobby Moynihan, Kate Micucci, Beck Bennett, Toks Olagundoye, and Tony Anselmo

Developed by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Aragones (Based on Characters created by Carl Barks and Walt Disney Television Animation)

Network: Disney XD (Check your local cable or satellite listings)

Rated TV-G

My Rating: *****/5


In 2017, a reboot of the Disney TV series “Duck Tales” began airing on Disney XD. While many reboots of beloved animated series have been released over the years; this series is one of the rare ones that not only captures the appeal of its namesake, but successfully brings the series to a new generation of fans.


Much like the original series that ran from 1987 to 1990, the show follows the adventures of the wealthy Scrooge McDuck; as well as his nephews Huey, Duey and Louie. As this family of waterfowl tries to deal with everyday life; they also seek to unravel the mysteries surrounding the world they live in as they deal with bizarre phenomena and adversaries such as Scrooge’s cousin Flintheart Glomgold (voice of Keith Ferguson).


The show sports a unique animation style that is not only sharp and colorful, but pays homage to some of the classic Donald Duck comics by Carl Barks.


The characters move in fluid, energetic fashions in environments such as the city of Duckberg and exotic locales such as the Himalayas and the city of Macau. While the original voice cast was unable to participate, the show is bolstered by a talented cast of new voice actors. Even though the original voice of Scrooge, Alan Young passed on in 2016; David Tennant was the perfect actor to fill his spats. With a large background in film as well as his acclaimed run on “Doctor Who,” his Scottish brogue pays homage to Young’s voiceover as well as giving off a portrayal that makes the role his own.


This new incarnation also fits the same mold of humorous shows that have strong stories behind them that have flourished on Disney XD. Even in this first season, the show is already setting up storylines that address mysteries that have surrounded the characters since they were first created. In the vein of series such as “Gravity Falls” and “Star VS The Forces of Evil,” the show blends a unique comedic style with story arcs such as trying to find the parents of Huey, Duey and Louie. Webby Vanderquack has also been reimagined as an excitable youngster with an adventurous spirit that would make the likes of Mabel Pines and Star Butterfly proud. Even Launchpad McQuack maintains the same comedic timing and misfortune as a pilot that made his original counterpart so memorable.


With the show already greenlit for a second season as of this writing, this new version of “Duck Tales” is easily one of the best animated reboots on TV; full of the same knack for interesting stories, likable characters and exceptional animation that made its namesake so memorable. Woo-hoo!

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