Albany Art Studio Glows At Grand Opening

The new Albany Art Studio is a place where everyone can tap into their creative side

Walking up the staircase and a long ramp to the second floor of the new Albany Art studio, you’ll find yourself in a dark room that is lighted with electric neon colors. They are splattered on the walls, floor, ceiling. Just about every surface in the room is sprinkled with this bright paint. The room is called Splatter Box.


“I kind of just want to use this as a backdrop and shoot some photos,” said Scott Van Schoiack, as he stood in awe in the Splatter Box at the new Albany Art Studio. He attended the grand opening last Friday evening. Van Schoiack is a photographer and has photos on display in the gallery part of the studio which you can view for free.


The Splatter Box is a room that allows you to completely unleash your creative side through painting or “splattering” the paint onto a surface of your choosing. Black fabric hangs along a long wall as an option to paint on. It’s covered in egg based UV or “blacklight” reactive paint from people who have utilized the Splatter Box.


Folks can paint on the fabric hanging from the walls, on materials they brought, or materials that can be purchased at Albany Art Studio. To participate in using the Splatter Box, there is a $10 fee for paint and brushes that can be purchased form the supply counter. Ponchos are also available to those who would like to protect their clothes from the paint. The supply counter is located in the corner of Splatter Box.


“I don’t know if you could grasp it unless you saw it,” said Derek Ellis. Derek is the husband of Laura Ellis, who owns Albany Art Studio. He mans the Splatter Box supply counter.


Laura said, “It really worked out perfect. I really wanted a splatter box and have never seen it done before.”


Splatter Box is a main feature, but there’s a list of other activities and you can partake in at Albany Art Studio.


There are classes, workshops, camps, membership options, and gallery space. There’s also studio areas you can use to work independently or with friends and family during the studio hour times.


Studio times are noon to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays. Class and workshop times vary.


The public classes are available for different age groups, from children to adult classes. Certain adult classes are 21+ due to the presence of alcohol. No minors allowed past 7 p.m. on the days of these events. The alcohol is BYOB  and must be opened by someone licensed to do so at the Albany Art Studio. No hard alcohol is permitted.


The membership options allow access to certain features like exclusive classes and reduced fees on public classes and art supplies. They range from $100 to $500 a year.


The gallery has about 20 artists at the moment but Laura’s always looking for more. She aims to create a diverse collection of works. The gallery grand opening will take place on March 1.


You can sign up for classes and check activity times online at their website


Laura was inspired to open a studio after having surgery for an aortic aneurysm while pregnant with her son three years ago. “It has literally taken me three years to finally get the building I wanted in the first place – the yardstick I compared every location to!”


The brick building that is now home to Albany Art Studio at 131 Montgomery Street NE, was formally home to an antique store. When Laura found out the owner of the antique store had passed, she decided to see if the building was available, which it was.


“I always thought this was the coolest building ever,” said Laura.


“I don’t think we could have done it unless we found this specific space,” Said Derek.


Laura has a major in communications and a minor in art. She’s originally from Dayton, and Derek grew up in Corvallis. The pair have lived in Albany for about five years.


Make a visit to Albany Art Studio and step into Laura’s vision brought to life. No matter your skill level or age, Albany Art Studio has something for you.


Albany Art Studio

131 Montgomery Street NE

Friday, February 9, 2018


Laura Ellis





The Splatter Box on the second floor of Albany Art Studio



The first floor in the Albany Art Studio is home to the gallery, classroom area, studio space, and items for sale.



A pile of canvases in the Splatter Box




Manda Catterlin and Alan Stewart enjoy the Splatter Box during Albany Art Studio’s Grand Opening




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