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Students Advising Students about Well-being

I asked, students answered. What is your best tip for well-being as a student? Thinking about all aspects of well-being (physical health, mental health, social support, connection to community, career goals/purpose, financial well-being) what advice would you give to a new LBCC student?

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you to the students who shared their insights. Here is some additional information about the resources mentioned:

CFAR (Center for Accessibility Resources): CFAR provides assistance to students who have documented disabilities by reviewing documentation, planning reasonable accommodations, coordinating services in the classroom and providing support. For more information and to apply for accomodations online visit

Tutoring Center: Free tutoring is available to LBCC students taking credit courses. Learn more about the program  guidelines and make an appointment online at

Learning Center: Tutoring is a part of the larger Learning Center, which includes math and writing support and help with college learning strategies. Stop by the second floor of Willamette Hall on Albany campus or visit

Counseling: Limited personal counseling is available through the Advising Center, as well as referral to community resources. Call 541-917-4780 or stop by the Advising Center in Takena Hall 101 to schedule an appointment.

Financial Aid: Financial Aid has extensive information available on their website to help you learn more about debt management and different types of aid, including work study. Financial aid advisor drop-in hours are also available. Check out their website to learn more at

Clubs anc Campus Involvement: A wide range of clubs, co-curriculars, and other involvement experiences are available at LBCC. Check out

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