The Democrats Need To Grow A #$@&%* Spine

This past week, Senate Democrats decided to give up any advantage that they had and gave President Trump everything he wanted.

There were no strings attached to this deal. This deal did not ensure anything for the millions of dreamers in the United States like the Democrats were demanding. In fact, Democrats settled for an empty promise of “fair hearing”.

Why? Because the Democrats lack a backbone.

They love to play “#TheResistance” whenever it’s just talk and only talk. There is never any action on the part of the Democratic National Committee or the Senate Democrats as a whole.

This isn’t a new thing. During the Iraq War, Democrats were all too happy to give Bush his rubber stamp to slaughter one-hundred-twenty thousand people and destabilize a country in search of magical weapons of doom.

During the Obama Administration, Democrats were all too happy to let the Republicans get their way with the ACA (originally a Republican idea for healthcare reform, but thrown to the wind in favor of anarchy, simply because their idea was proposed by the other party).

And now, in the age of Trump, the Democrats are still more than happy to let the most unpopular president in American history get whatever he wants in the name of “bipartisanship” and “compromise”.

Why? In search of the ever elusive “moderate Republican” of course! These voters, who may or may not exist, might one day decide that they should just vote Democrat because the other party is awful, so in the meantime, they have to keep appealing to those moderates, because what is the base going to do? Vote Republican? The Republicans are crazy, and the two party system constantly ensures we’re forced to deal with the DNC.

Not every Democratic Senator voted for the measure. Sixteen didn’t, among those, Senator Wyden and Senator Merkley, both Oregon Senators. Nationally, the no votes were the usual suspects, the only members of the Senate that have principles, ie. Sanders, Warren, Harris, Gillibrand and co.

And to Chuck Schumer, the thirty-two other Democrats who approved this measure and the Democratic Party as a whole; Grow a fucking spine and stand up for the people you claim to represent.


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