Clothed for Business: AAWCC holds dollar clothing drive for students and faculty at LBCC

The LBCC Chapter of the American Association of Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) hosted a dollar clothing drive on Thursday, October 12.

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Clothes were piled high atop tables that lined the outside of the LBCC library for the $1 clothing drive on Thursday Oct. 12.

The drive was being put on by LBCC’s chapter of the American Association of Women in Community College (AAWCC), an organization that looks to support the personal and professional growth of women at LBCC. Every article of clothing, no matter what it was, was only a dollar and all of the proceeds went to student scholarships.

The event was held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and managed to raise $388.58 for scholarships.

“Students seemed excited when they found out the money is going back to scholarships. So it’s awesome what we get to tell them what this event is for,” said Amanda Stanley who is the Vice President of the LBCC AAWCC.

M’Liss Runyon, one of the event organizers, spoke about the event’s success last year and how the drive can be helpful to students in many different ways.

“We raised enough last year that we thought it was helpful for our scholarships, students really enjoyed it, we had an amazing turn out especially from the students. They really seemed to appreciate the fact that they could get a whole outfit for five bucks,” said Runyon.

“All of us have closets we need to clean out. So it’s helping everybody recycle, it gives people an opportunity to get some new clothes, it makes money for scholarships, and it’s a lot of fun.”

For this year’s drive Runyon felt no different. She is excited that the AAWCC not only gets to help raise money for the scholarships of students at LBCC, but also help students buy affordable clothing.

“The sale shows that many of our students need a resource for clothing that does not cost much. It’s great to raise money for scholarships, but most of all it’s great to help our students with very basic needs like a warm sweater, nice dress for an interview or a jacket for a child,” Said Runyon.

“Everyone seemed so grateful and we had many students walk away with a big bag of clothing for under eight dollars.”

AAWCC holds general meetings in the Albany Campus commons. The next meeting is Thursday Nov. 9 from noon to 1 p.m. The topic will be on self defense and anyone is welcome to stop by.

For more information on AAWCC and ways that you can get involved check out their page on the LBCC website at:  

Story and Photos by Joshua Stickrod