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News: A Year in Review: A glance back at the major events affecting our campus during 2016-17

Fall Term:

LBCC experienced two major facility issues, with lead being found in the water in the beginning of September and the Albany Campus water main breaking at the end of September.

The insufficient handling of the end of LBCC’s Graphic Arts program was unveiled in October, as well as what became of the students who had been enrolled in the terminated program.

Members of the campus were surprised and frustrated when the Students for Life Club wrote messages in chalk across the Albany campus denouncing abortion in November.

On November 8, Donald Trump was elected as the United States’ next president.

LBCC’s Black Curtain Society performed “The Path of True Love” in November.

Winter Term:

In late January, LBCC members rallied together in protests all across Oregon shortly after the election of Donald Trump. Students from the Our Revolution club marched with 100,000 others in the Portland Women’s March in solidarity with 600 other marches coordinated around the world. In America alone, there were roughly 4.5 million attendees.

In late January, Brenda Tracy, a rape survivor, activist, and lobbyist, shared her stores of survivorship and experience with Oregon State University and law enforcement officials with LBCC.

LBCC students performed the theatrical version of “Winnie the Pooh” to over 4500 students and community members.

At the end of January, Trump enacted travel restrictions via an Executive Order that was quickly dubbed “The Muslim Ban.” The Commuter reached out to students and staff on campus who felt under direct threat from the Executive Order.

In the beginning of February, Senator Wyden held a town hall at LBCC. The community raised concerns about the safety of community members under the Trump administration’s immigration policies, attitudes towards civil rights issues, and foreign relations.

Spring Term:

On April 5, student veteran Tom Tyger committed suicide.

LBCC students performed “Peace Be Upon You,” a play designed to help confront stereotypes and Islamophobia.

LB members took part in May’s Diversity Day.

On May 24, the LBCC  Industrial Technical Society hosted its first annual car show.

LBCC students Delphine Le Brun Colon and Levi Wilmeth were chosen for summer internships at NASA. The LBCC Space Exploration Club will be collaborating with OSU to take near-space footage of the solar eclipse later this summer as a part of NASA’s nationwide Eclipse Ballooning Project.

On May 22, International student Kung Shing Yau lost his life in the Three Forks River near Salem, Oregon.

Story by Commuter Staff

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