Catch Ya Later: The Commuter’s editor-in-chief for the 2016-17 school year says goodbye

Outgoing Editor-in-Chief Emily Goodykoontz (left), and the new Editor-in-Chief Katelyn Boring.

Our democracy is in desperate need of courageous journalists who possess the integrity to take back the media and provide the world with an honest view of reality. That is what LBCC and Professor Rob Priewe are building with their dedication to this journalism program.

Around this time last year I received the news that I had been chosen as the editor-in-chief of the Commuter for the 2016-17 year. It was not a responsibility I’d ever anticipated, yet it felt like an honor, a huge gift suddenly bestowed on me. I knew that I didn’t understand the immensity of the challenges it would bring to my life, but I understood my newfound responsibility to the campus community.

Over the year I’ve encouraged an environment of learning, creativity, openness and diversity in the newsroom while providing the campus with community news relevant to the lives of both students and staff. My proudest moment occurred when two talented student writers walked through the doors of our office and asked to join the staff after reading our “Racist Roots” edition in which our paper tackled the history of racism in our community. Our overarching goal was to shine a light on the local aspects of serious societal and national issues in a way that sparks authentic dialogue on campus; I daresay we reached this goal.

A campus newspaper should be a platform for the voices in the community that too often go unheard. It is a way to tell the stories of the lives happening all around us; as I leave this newsroom to the next generation of student journalists, I know they will carry this legacy forward.

Katelyn Boring, selected as the EIC for the 2017-18 year, came to our office fall quarter as a freshman, entirely new to journalism. It became instantly clear that she possessed a raw talent and a deep intelligence and integrity. I am proud to pass the torch to such a talented, strong young woman.

To all who have helped me in my educational journey at LBCC, THANK YOU. The support and dedication you’ve brought into my life is immeasurable. You’ve helped propel me down a clear career path; I feel that the world is opening up before me as I prepare to take a summer internship with the Charles Snowden Program for Excellence in Journalism. In the fall, I will take a position as digital managing editor of the University of Oregon’s student newspaper, The Emerald, and pursue a bachelor’s degree in journalism and multimedia.

LBCC has given me so much; I am forever grateful for these strong roots allowing my life to flourish. I have given all I can in return.

And to all of the Commuter’s critics: These are no longer my monkeys; this is not my circus anymore. Sorry…. Not sorry.

Column by Emily Goodykoontz

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