Thank You, The Tyrannosaurus

I’m wrapping up my third term at LBCC and I’m having a hard time finding the best word for my experience here so far. Here’s what my brain is coming up with:

Lazy. (Yeaaah, no.)

Exciting. (In a few ways.)

Tired. (Yes, but everyone IS that.)

Exhausted. (Yes, I hear you.)

Overworked. (This is getting out of hand…)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. (That’s not even a word!)

Now it is time to launch google chrome and use the tyrannosaurus (it’s actually “thesaurus”). Searching………searching………Oh! I found it!


Well, I just wasted 89 words (and counting) on finding the perfect word “indescribable”. Since I am left with that, I’ll have to go beyond just a word. Here we go folks! This year has been a lot of things. 1. I’ve had good (in my opinion) conversations with hundreds of new people. That is something I couldn’t have imagined last August. At that time I was wrapping up with taking a year off after high school because high school did a number on me. 2. My classes have been engaging and I don’t dread going to each class unlike a good portion of high school. My teachers in high school were awesome, but other factors were in play. With that, I’ve appreciated the student environment at LBCC. 3. I’ve been involved with a lot of stuff outside of my classes from Active Minds to Student Government. One of my main advocates in high school was so excited when she learned that I was elected VP. She had helped me at my worst, so sharing that news with her was the highlight of that week. 4. Life has its ups and its downs. ‘1-3’ (and more) were my ups. Currently I’m dealing with a challenging down. Some of my past health issues have crept up (for reasons that would take ~5 pages to write). In result, I’ve had to make the decision to transition out as VP. I’m disappointed, but I’m not too sad because I’ve been very fortunate with things ‘1-3’ (and more). 5. Extending further with ‘1’, some of the people I’ve blabbered back and forth with have become great friends. They’ve made coming to LBCC worth working through ‘4’. I’m looking at you Lucas, BA260 squad, SLC peeps, instructors/advisors, and many more that would overextend this word count.

In short, thank you the tyrannosaurus for showing me “indescribable,” so I wouldn’t take the easy way out with writing this.

Written by Justen Noll