Stay Safe this Summer: How to stay safe near water

Swimming in the rivers and lakes is all a part of any Oregon summer. Make sure to have fun– but keep these tips, all sourced from, in mind.

Watch out for water temperature. Cold water flows near the floor of the river or lake, so even if the weather is hot and the water feels warm, watch out for frigid water flowing near the floor. This can tire out even the best swimmers quickly.

Be aware of currents and water hazards.

The current gets stronger near the middle of a river, and can tire you out quickly. In both rivers and lakes, water hazards can lurk just under the surface, and still be hard to see. Be sure to look before you leap.

Wading or swimming near waterfalls is also dangerous. The current is much, much stronger here.

Keep an eye on any children or pets, and as always, tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back before heading out.

Stay safe, Roadrunners!

Story by Moriah Hoskins

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