Superdog Fenway: Fenway the therapy dog helps soothe stressed students and hospital patients.

A perfect catch! All eyes were on Fenway, as she caught the treat in her mouth.

The sweet-natured part Lab and Wirehaired Griffon loves people; it’s part of her job. She is a therapy dog at LBCC and in local hospitals.

As the Winter Term addition to the LBCC Advising Center, she helps students take a break from their lives through appointed therapy sessions.

To let the students know about Fenway, Lisa Hoogesteger, one of Fenway’s trainers, visited a Destination Graduation class in Industrial A 224 at half past noon.

Hoogester explained how Fenway helps relieve stress for “Students who miss their dog from home, and who might be struggling [in college].”

Fenway also helps hospital patients who find it hard to connect with people by giving them a physical connection.

Crystal Garcia, a student attending the Destination Graduation class, said, “I would definitely go for therapy [with Fenway].”

When asked if she would consider training a therapy dog herself, Garcia said, “I love dogs, so it’s something to think about.”

Rob Camp, the Destination Graduation teacher works with Fenway often because he is across the hallfrom Hoogesteger.

“Fenway is an amazing addition to the advising staff,” said Camp.

Aside from helping, Fenway likes to do activities any dog enjoys, including learning tricks such as shake, roll over, and crawl.

“[Fenway] loves the dog day at the pool, and she’s an incredible jumper,” said Hoogesteger. “She could be a dock-diving dog.”

Fenway is currently part of the Welcome Waggers, who help people train their dogs for therapy. They are part of the national organization Alliance of Therapy Dogs, ATD. These therapy dogs will go anywhere they’re needed, including hospitals, campuses, and nursing homes.

Story by Constance Jones

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