Two-Out Wonders: Roadrunners dominate with two outs and no room for mistakes

Cole Carder with a beautiful swing.

Currently 20-6, the Roadrunners went 2-0 in a double header against Clark College on Friday, April 14.

In game one the boys played it close, with a final score of 1-0, but they won a landslide victory in game two with a score of 10-5.

The Roadrunners fell behind early in game two by a deficit of 3-1, until Caleb Smith hit a double in the third, bringing in two of his teammates. The team later gained the lead in the fifth inning when Jack Bauer hit a one-run home run. Defense was able to hold the Penguins from doing much after the third inning, and the Roadrunners began to soar in the sixth inning with a whopping six runs.

This may sound like an average day on the field for LB, but it was far from such. Nine of the team’s runs came on two separate occasions when they were sitting on the edge with two outs. The team played with a “don’t be that guy” mindset when they were up to bat, because they knew one more out would end the inning, giving the Penguins a chance to score.

Tremendous efforts by Tate Cowden, Josh Congdon, and Logan Meadows contributed to their success on the field. Friday’s game was an extraordinary example of teamwork.

They also played Clark at Tigard HS on Saturday, April 15. The Roadrunners domination continued with a score of 6-0 in game one and 2-0 in game two, pushing them to sweep the Penguins in the four-game series. In their next game, the Roadrunners will take on Lane at home on April 21 at 1  p.m., and hope to keep their momentum going.

Story and Photos by Quentin Jeans


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