Play Day: LB Athletics Department hosts third annual children’s event

Erin Thomson gets ready to shoot a hoop in the gym on Play Day.

The baseball made contact with Gabriel Guzman’s bat. He ran to first, second, then third base, but would he make home? The ball sped towards Gabriel, but he slid across the LBCC gym floor into home. A home run!

Gabriel, the ash blonde 3 foot wonder, was one of many children attending the LB Play Day this past Saturday.   

Linn-Benton’s Athletics Department hosted their third annual LB Play Day on April 8, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Albany campus, in the LB Athletics Building.

The event was well attended with a circus of children and volunteers running around.

Michael Winder coordinator of the event, said the point of this event was to “Be active, be healthy, and beyond being healthy, just having fun.”

Winder’s desire for the Play Day was working, with a variety of kids from different age groups playing baseball, basketball, bike racing, mini golf, soccer, volleyball, pound rockout, a combination of drumming and exercise, and even quidditch.

According to door greeter Randy Scout, this year was different, as he said “We usually do [the Play Day] on Friday, when public schools have in-service.”

Shayden Woolridge prepares to throw a volleyball over the net to Alyvia Sam (not shown).

Players representing all LB sports teams were also there helping out with the event.

“I see athletes as positive role models,” said Heidi Officer, a friend of the Guzman family and LB student. “Gab[riel]  seems to be having a really fun time.”

As it was rainy throughout the day, the activities were held inside.

“This is so nice of them to do; my grandson’s [in the gym], and having a great time,” said Karen Cardosa, a grandparent who brought her grandchildren to the event.

The LB Athletic Department aimed to encourage kids in doing healthy activities that are also a whole lot of fun.

Story by Constance Jones

Photos by Wesley Rankin

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