Hot Shot Talk: The Hot Shot Cafe gains business sense

Quintin Jeans brews the perfect cup of joe in the Hot Shot Cafe.

Members of the Student Leadership Council trickled into the meeting on March 15 in McKenzie Hall.

Ian Priestman, a business and supervision teacher at LB, discussed the possibility of changing the Hot Shot administration to the business department, instead of the SLC.

“Most business classes are theoretical,” said Priestman. “The business classes will get to use the Hot Shot as a practical way to do business.”

Though there will be changes to the Hot Shot Cafe if this idea is voted in, Priestman assures that the management won’t change dramatically.

“We want a seamless transition for the Hot Shot. The workers will stay the same and the supplies,” said Priestman.

Priestman also pointed out that the workers will be able to put on their resumes that they have real world experience.

Some of the changes to the cafe will possibly include installing 120 degree  security cameras, as in the past the Hot Shot Cafe’s tips have been stolen and other thefts have taken place.

It will cost around $1,500 to install the cameras, but as SLC Vice President Kevin Peña says, “It [the security camera cost] may seem expensive, but I think it’s worth it.”

The other change will be to paint the Hot Shot a neutral color, so that it can be used as an art gallery, which will cost around $500.

The SLC plans on paying for the security cameras and will have the Hot Shot Cafe pay for the painting.

The Hot Shot Cafe has changes coming, but it will still offer the same service to LB as before.

Story by Constance Jones

Photos by Elliot Pond