TV Show Review: Star VS The Forces of Evil

Starring the voices of Eden Sher, Adam McArthur and Alan Tudyk

Created by Daron Nefcy

Network: Disney XD (check your local cable or satellite listings)

Rated TV-Y7

My Rating: *****/5

Disney XD has had many creative animated TV series since the network was formed at the start of this decade. While there have been an increasing amount of series that have appealed to both young and old viewers alike, one in particular has managed to be a stellar addition to the network. That series is “Star VS The Forces of Evil.”

Created by Daron Nefcy, the series manages to combine the sensibilities of the Disney style of animation with the motifs of “magical girl” anime. The series and its lead heroine, Star Butterfly (Sher) could easily qualify as the American equivalents of “Sailor Moon.”

The series follows Star as she is sent to Earth by her parents in order to learn the responsibilities of her role as princess of the kingdom of Mewni as well as master her mystical otherworldly powers. She then takes up residence with a young man named Marco Diaz (McArthur) while she tries to learn the customs of our world in a small town in Arizona. Star also clashes with an assortment of grotesque monsters such as the evil sorcerer Ludo (Tudyk) and her own hyperactive nature in a show that deftly blends action, comedy and coming-of-age drama in each episode.

With each passing episode, there are many facets to the world Nefcy has built. The style and tone of the series are a loving homage to the “magical girl” series that can be enjoyed from both a male and female perspective. Some episodes will deal with how Star is trying to master her powers and adjusting to customs on Earth. Others will deal with Marco training in martial arts under the tutelage of an eccentric, basement-dwelling sensei (voice of Nick Swardson). Even Ludo gets episodes that showcase his eccentricities as a villain, including one stylized in the form of a nature documentary.

The animation is also a delight to behold. Containing a wide range of vibrant colors and expansive environments, the show’s style is an ideal way of combining the traits of magical girl anime and the traits of Disney animation in a single series. The way the characters move is fluid enough for both action-oriented and comedic situations alike.

With the show having two successful seasons under its belt as well as a third season in the wings for the near future, “Star VS The Forces of Evil” is one of the best cartoons on TV right now. Full of fantastic storytelling, great characters and some of the most well-made animation on Disney XD, it’s an ideal show for all ages and genders. In the case of the upcoming third season: it’s gonna get a little weird, it’s gonna get a little wild! This show’s not from around here, it’s from another dimension!

Review by Steven Pryor

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