Spinning the ‘Wheel Of Truth’:Young Democrats speak out against President Trump’s universe of alternative facts


Jeremy Durant, Jeff Pierce (right) Hosting the Young Democrat table where people can spin the ”Wheel Of Truth,” answer a question and win a prize.

Two members of the Young Democrats Club exercised their first amendment rights and took to the halls of LBCC in the name of free speech.

Jeremy Durand and Jeff Pierce had their two-part table set up in Takena Hall, near the advisory center, from 9 a.m. to noon. Anyone walking by could spin the “Wheel of Truth,” and, depending on the correlating number on which the dial landed, be asked a question regarding President Trump’s campaign. If answered correctly, the spinner was able to win a candy, pen, or a button with a clever saying.

As one of the members of the Young Democrats Club, Durand said this table was his “form of protest against Donald Trump and his [Trump’s] interpretation of reality.”

Informative flyers sat next to the Wheel of Truth on top of the table for anyone to grab. On the left side of the table, a banner titled “The Truth,” showed charts with sourced facts on climate change, the crime rate in the U.S, and information about the travel ban, while the right side displayed a sign titled, “The Alternative Truth.”

The right side was a display of altered photos such as a “Remembering the Bowling Green Massacre” tribute, a side-by-side of the Obama and Trump inaugurations, and an Ivanka Trump flyer with KellyAnne Conway’s alleged quote “Buy Ivanka’s stuff for America.”

According to Pierce,the goal of the right side of the table was to “show the double speak that’s been going on within the trump administration and how dangerous that can be to policy,” while the main goal of their set-up was “getting people more aware of what is happening [and] try[ing] to inform people about what is actually going on, what the truth is, and to put aside the double speak that we’ve been seeing.”

Pierce says that he’s attempting to talk specifically with Republicans, get their perspective on things, and explain to them why, as young Democrats, they are concerned about these issues.

“I believe if we disagree, we should talk,” said Pierce.

The Young Democrats are going to have a similar table in the near future and will be developing its presentation. They always welcome new faces at club meetings, which meet every Wednesday at 2 p.m. in Mckenzie Hall Rm. 118.

Story by Samantha Guy

Photo by Elliot Pond